5 Amazing Field Trips

One of the best ways for young kids to learn about the world around them is by taking fun and educational field trips to various destinations. If you have been tasked with the project of finding great field trip destinations for kids of Pre-K or Pre-School age, the list below will help get you started.

1. The Field Museum

Dinosaurs and other creatures fascinate most Pre-School kids. The Field Museum in Chicago has a fantastic array of displays on offer that is sure to wow virtually any kids in this age range.

One of the main aspects of dinosaur preservation that this museum is known for is the fact that it hosts the largest and most well-preserved T-Rex dinosaur in the world. After tiring of the dinosaur exhibits, there are several other options to keep Pre-School kids occupied including a glow-worm cave and a Creatures of Light Exhibit. A large number of exhibits also have interactive features such as iPad games linked to them.

2. Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier

Pre-School kids who visit this museum during a field trip will be enthralled by the three floors of various activities, exhibits and educational material that focuses on math, literacy, science and art.

Some of the most popular exhibits that are sure to enthrall pre-School kids include WaterWays, which is an interactive series of pumps, pulleys and pipes depicting the wonders of the water around us, and Skyline, which enables kids to learn about the technology used to ensure that the tall buildings in the city remain standing.

3. Kline Creek Farm

This location is a restored County Farm in DuPage and it enables Pre-School kids to see exactly how a farm was run in the 1800s.

While visiting the farm, kids will be able to see how a range of historical farming implements work, see various farm animals, take a tour of the farmhouse and learn about farm life in general during this period. In some cases, the kids may even be permitted to participate in age-appropriate farming tasks and chores.

4. Lincoln Park Zoo

Pre-School kids who visit the Lincoln Park Zoo will be able to observe a wide range of wildlife from all parts of the world. After viewing the various animals, they can then take a walk along the Nature Boardwalk, which is a fully preserved ecosystem. While doing so, they will be educated regarding the several types and species of fish, birds and other animals.

5. Skydeck Chicago

This can be classified as a pre-School field trip with a difference. Teachers and kids will be treated to a fantastic view of Chicago from the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower building and the Ledge.

Kids will be able to see around them for up to 50 miles and enjoy a beautiful view from 1,353 feet up in the air.

When planning pre-School field trips, it’s important to remember that while many venues offer free admission, there may be somewhere entrance fees will apply. Always call ahead to confirm and avoid disappointment.