East Lake Gives Thanks

What are you grateful for this year as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday? Have you thought about it? Our East Lake students have. In fact, they have been thinking about it for the past three weeks! Gratitude is the virtue of the month for November, and each of the classes have been living this virtue in their own ways. The Pre-K 3 class drew pictures of the things for which they are grateful while the 3rd graders wrote notes of gratitude to their classmates. In ways big and small, our students have made an effort to be especially grateful for all their blessings this month.

The East Lake Academy family has so much for which to give thanks to God, but in honor of Thanksgiving, this week we want to express our deepest gratitude for our wonderful new art teacher, Mrs. Anne Murray and her dedicated volunteer assistant, Mrs. Val Maxwell, known to most as Grandma Val! Thanks to Mrs. Murray and Grandma Val, our halls are a veritable art gallery, decked with the colorful and beautiful work of our talented student artists. So, in this short holiday week, we want to share some of that art with you here. May Our Lord bless each and every one of our families with a blessed, gratitude-filled holiday and a restful break. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Turkey by John Kuczek, Pre-K 4
Indian Corn by Lucia Romero, Kindergarten
Watercolor Turkey by Jack Berilla, 4th grade
Cornucopia by Audrey KImball, 6th grade