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11/21/2017 - Award Winning Math Team

The Math Team at East Lake Academy, Lake Forest, competed at the Regina Dominican Junior High Mathematics Competition on Saturday, November 19th.  Not only did the the students come in first place as a team, two individual students, came in first and second place individually.  Eight schools competed, totaling 74 students.   These are not the first math awards for East Lake Academy students. In the last three years, the math team has achieved 6 first honors and ..

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11/15/2017 - Importance of Pre-K Learning

Why Preschool Learning is So Important to Laying the Foundation for Future Learning

When many of today’s adults were small children, preschool was not considered an important part of childhood. In fact, many of today’s adults never even attended kindergarten – they simply went to first grade and beyond. However, as the world continues to become a busier, faster, and more high-tech place to live, there is benefit in laying the foundation for future learning early on. Here are som..

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11/14/2017 - Innovative Curriculum Ideas

Innovative Curriculum Ideas for Pre-K Classrooms

Pre-K students are excited about going to school, learning, and seeing their new friends every day. While many schools (and even daycare facilities) don’t take a serious approach to learning at this age, private schools in Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, and Libertyville certainly do. At this young and impressionable age, innovative intentional curriculums combine learning with play to create the perfect environment for your little one.


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